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Customer Comments.

"I Make it a Practice to NEVER Buy from any Door to Door Salespeople Until James should up at my Door. He was very nicely dressed and could sell ice to Eskimos. The Product was phenomenal." -Mary Tate Fresno California. 

"My Beloved Dog Snoopy passed in our living Room a few years Back. I had not been able to get the Blood out my carpet with any other products. I purchased the Lavender Empire and lord behold the Stain is Completely Gone." -Martha Crosby Las Vegas Nevada.

"I and my Husband had just moved into our Home and Dreaded getting new glass shower Doors because of the Horrible Hard water stains that made it impossible to see through. We purchased the Empire Hard water Remover and Our shower Doors look Spanking Brand New." -Esther Harris Seattle Washington.

"We had a salesperson stop by our home and she Bragged about how great Empire was on Rust and Oil on our Driveway. My Husband wanted to call her Bluff and Put her to the Test. Guess who won? Empire sure did." -Susan Bixby Ft. Worth Texas.

"My Neighbor told me about the Citrus Empire she purchased a few months back and how she swears by it. I finally decided to Order some online and I am Very Glad that I Did. It worked wonders on the mold and Mildew in our Bathroom showers. I'm Hooked." -India Baines Chicago Illinois.

"I Purchased a few bottles from a Gal that stopped by my office. She Demonstrated on some rust I had on my car rims. Shines like New Money Now." -Ricky Jordan Denver, Colorado.

"We love Empire So much that we purchase 3 cases or more every time we order for our Stores."  -Nathaniel Hull Metro PCS, Los Angeles, California.

See how impressed new customer Jeremy Colin of C & C Roofing Repairs was when one of our sales team demonstrated how effective Empire All Purpose Cleaner is for cleaning the wheels on his work truck as well as other hard to clean stained areas. 

Here are just a few of our happy customers.

ACTUAL CUSTOMER BEFORE AND AFTER PHOTOS of the power of Empire Hard Water Remover!

"Best hard water remover
I have been in the cleaning business for over 25 years and have never used a product like this🤩The best thing about this product is you don't have to wear gloves. I have saved $$ by not having to replace my sink and toilet since this is the only product that has worked. This is a game changer for the cleaning company I work for and I know can tak

e 25 year old sinks and toilets and make them look presentable. "


Stormking  Verified Reviewer
5 star rating