Empire Hard Water Remover

Empire Hard Water Remover

This Empire Hard Water Remover is a remover of pesky water stains without rubbing or scrubbing with this powerful hard water stain remover. Specially formulated for hard water stains, this water spot remover can lift water stains and soap scum out of any surface without the use of elbow grease. Simply spray and wipe off stains with ease from virtually any surface including glass shower doors, windows, mirrors, cars, and more. This hard water remover is non-toxic and biodegradable so it’s an eco-friendly alternative to other chemical removers. It’s also a cost-effective choice compared to big-name brands like CLR. One bottle of this water stain remover makes 20 cleaner bottles.

• Formulated to remove hard water stains and soap scum
• No rubbing or scrubbing necessary, simply spray and wipe
• OSHA and EPA approved
• 1 concentrated bottle makes 20 cleaner bottles
• Eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable
• Not tested on animals
• Safe for children and pets
• Gentle on hands, no gloves required

$49.95 $39.95

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4 reviews for Empire Hard Water Remover

  1. Delbert

    You Guys are Going to Be Rich. This Product is Phenomenal. Does Exactly what the sales guy said, And then some. How can I become a Distributor

  2. Rebecca F.

    NEVER have I seen a product work so Quickly in Removing Calcium off my Glass Shower Doors and Faucets like this Product. It Even Removed the Hard water spots that have been on my Home windows for YEARS from my Water Sprinklers. I endorse this Product 110%

  3. Stormking

    Best hard water remover I have been in the cleaning business for over 25 years and have never used a product like this🤩The best thing about this product is you don’t have to wear gloves. I have saved $$ by not having to replace my sink and toilet since this is the only product that has worked. This is a game-changer for the cleaning company I work for and I know can takRead more about review stating Best hard water remover 25-year-old sinks and toilets and make them look presentable.

  4. Cindy J.

    The Best Hard Water Remover EVERMike King was canvasing my Neighbor and she directed him to my home after she made a purchase. He Bragged about this Hard water Cleaner that he also was selling. I Have been having a very hard time finding a product that Effectively Cleans my Glass Shower Door. I invited him into my home to show me how the product would solve my Cleaning Problem Read more about review stating The Best Hard Water Remover EVERand l be Damned if the Product didn’t cut through the Calcium in Seconds. Great Product Guys. Make sure you send me a commission check because I’m telling all my friends about you guys.

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