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Empire Lavender All Purpose Cleaner


Empire Lavender All Purpose Cleaner

Great for commercial or household use, this lavender multi-purpose cleaner will tackle tough stains and leave a fresh floral scent. The cleaner is made from non-toxic, biodegradable ingredients so it’s safe to use on any surface including the kitchen or bathroom. The nontoxic cleaner is gentle on your hands and safe for children and pets. A cost-effective alternative to brand name chemical cleaners like Lysol and Clorox, one bottle of this all-purpose cleaner concentrate can make up to 20 cleaner bottles.

  • The fresh-smelling lavender scent
  • Powerful surface cleaner
  • OSHA and EPA approved
  • 1 concentrated bottle makes 20 cleaner bottles
  • Eco-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Not tested on animals
  • Safe for children and pets
  • Gentle on hands, no gloves required


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7 reviews for Empire Lavender All Purpose Cleaner

  1. Mike R.

    Mold all over my Shower GONE
    This is the only product I have used that actually removes the mold on my shower and Especially the grout. This stuff is Phenomenal

  2. Donita T.

    I can’t say enough about this product; “All-Purpose “ is an understatement! The sales Rep. (Michael King) used the product for EVERYTHING! It removed tarnish off of brass, foggy build-up from my vehicle headlights, waxy build-up on my tile and grout! Thank You, Michael, for making my day.

  3. Linda W.

    Empire Lavender
    Review by Linda W. on 20 Nov 2018review stating Empire LavenderI love this product. I use it to clean just about everything. But, what I like most about this product is the Lavender scent….it’s real Lavender! I must confess…I use to be a loyal customer of Advantage Cleaner. I couldn’t even imagine any cleaning product topping Advantage, but then I tried Empire just out of compassion for the salesperson. TRead more about review stating Empire Lavenderhank God for my compassion…GOOD BY ADVANTAGE!!!!!!!

  4. Mike R.

    Actually Cleaned Koolaid
    Review by Mike R. on 19 Nov 2018review stating Actually Cleaned KoolaidI can’t believe that this product cleaned up Koolaid that my Daughter spilled on our Carpet over a Month Ago. Sure will Tell all my Friends about this Wonderful Product.

  5. Sylvester L.

    Very Impressed
    I purchased the product from a very nice sales lady from my door. she had me sold with the way she presented the product and COMPLETELY when she removed RUST off my Driveway and Motor Oil. I Had to purchase a case.

  6. Rebecca F.

    Review by Rebecca F. on 18 Apr 2019review stating NOT ENOUGH STARS NEVER have I seen a product work so Quickly in Removing Calcium off my Glass Shower Doors and Faucets like this Product. Even Removed the Hard water spots that have been on my Home windows for YEARS from my Water Sprinklers. I endorse this Product 110%

    From: Rebecca F.

  7. EF

    Review by EF on 22 Jan 2019review stating SoldAfter a good window demonstration and amazing sales presentation I decided to purchase a bottle of the Lavender Cleaner. Quentin Clark (salesperson) did a great job and I felt the desire to purchase the product, support the cause, and I was appreciative of the work ethic demonstrated. While I have not used the product yet, I do look forward to seeing read more about review stating Solving the results on my outside windows and the headlights on our car. Keep up the great work.

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